Monday 24 June 2019

Mayor wants a Hollywood-style Drogheda Walk of Fame

The Mayor wants a Hollywood-style Walk of Fame in Drogheda
The Mayor wants a Hollywood-style Walk of Fame in Drogheda

A star-studded Walk of Fame along the Boyne Boardwalk would put Drogheda on the map, according to Mayor Frank Godfrey, who points to the attraction of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

'We have lots of local famous personalities, some who have made their mark in Ireland, others abroad,' said Mayor Godfrey. 'We can think of people like artist Nano Reid, economist Ken Whitaker, Dubliners musician Eamon Campbell, James Bond actor Pearse Brosnan, footballer Gary Kelly, MMM foundress Mother Mary Martin, golfer Des Smyth, singer Johnny Logan, just to mention a few. All suggestions welcome!'

The Mayor went on to say that there is a need for the famous personalities and legends associated with Drogheda, most of whom were born here, to be honoured and listed in public along the river boardwalk at Scotch Hall.

'A Walk of Fame would allow the public, visitors and tourists to visit and take photos, and to mark their visit to Drogheda. It could be incorporated into the town walks. Star shapes containing the honouree's name would be inserted into the boardwalk, making a feature of the stars and the walkway,' he explained. 'We should start off with 6-10 names and expand over the years, building on it as more names - and more funding - become available.'

Hoping to complete the project before the end of his term in office, Mayor Godfrey is currently seeking a sponsor for his Hollywood-style project for Drogheda!

Drogheda Independent