Sunday 15 September 2019

Mayor up for the FLAA!

Mayor Paul Bell has praised the efforts of the business community, volunteers, voluntary organisations, Council staff and citizens for their commitment in putting Drogheda's best foot forward in the countdown period leading up to the commencement of year two of what is expected to be another huge success for the Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann festival.

"We can all visibly see the efforts being made to make our town a welcoming place for the anticipated 500,000 visitors many of whom visited Drogheda last year. I am also delighted to have already met Drogheda citizens who have returned home from the USA and Australia to be with their families on this historic occasion. Efforts are ongoing also to ensure that our streets are clean and the flower arrangements are absolutely beautiful", said the Mayor

Mayor Bell stressed that the FLAA! As it is now known in Drogheda punning on the local term FAA!..SIDE can and will only be a success with the support of our local citizens. "I am confident that the citizens of Drogheda will deliver the warmest of welcomes to our visitors, musicians and those from the wider arts community visiting our town and this will be the key factor in delivering on the success of 2018. I am also to take this opportunity to ask citizens to make allowances for the disruptions which will inevitably occur over the period of the festival. In this regard I ask citizens to support Council staff especially those hidden in the early hours of the morning with the clean up, GARDAI, volunteers, workers involved in providing public transport services, rail, bus and taxi. And to offer support to the many visitors to our community".

Mayor Bell also confirmed that hotel and event bookings are significantly up on last year and that hotels in Louth, Meath and North County Dublin have also benefitted.

Drogheda Independent