Wednesday 21 February 2018

Marsh Road residents forced to stay indoors due to rat infestation

The scene at the rear of the ESB station on the Marsh Road.
The scene at the rear of the ESB station on the Marsh Road.

Hubert MUrphy

DUMPING has led to a major rat infestation on the Marsh Road.

According to Cllr. Pio Smith, the number of rats is alarming and the level of dumping is severe and has obviously been going on for some time.

'I was contacted by some residents over five weeks ago about the extent of the vermin problem. When we did a search of the area, we found a substantial amount of rubbish packed in black bin liners dumped behind the old ESB generating station on the Marsh Road.'

Some of the residents on the stretch of road are senior citizens and could hardly leave their homes over the summer months.

'In the back garden of one resident's house, we killed four rats in the space of an hour. This summer has been quite good in terms of beautiful sunny weather, however some residents have been unable to enjoy sitting out in their back garden because of the extent of the rat problem, and this is totally unacceptable.'

Cllr Smith said he immediately contacted the council and, in fairness to them, they moved swiftly to contact the ESB and alert them to the fact that there was a significant amount of illegal dumping on their premises. They are still waiting for the problem to be resolved.

'There is a responsibility on behalf of landlords and businesses under the Rats and Mice Destruction Act 1919 to take all necessary steps for the destruction of rats and mice or the prevention of rats and mice on or in their land,' he said.

He wants the ESB to act quickly to clean up their premises and eradicate vermin emaninating from the substation.

'Therefore I will be asking the Environmental Health Officer from the HSE to force the ESB and anyone else they deem responsible for the problem to give it their immediate attention.'

Drogheda Independent

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