Monday 23 October 2017

'Mansion tax' means people will pay at lower rate, says Nash

THE FACT that a 'mansion tax' has been introduced in last week's Budget means people will be paying property tax at a lower rate than expected.

According to Gerald Nash TD 'in the absence of Labour securing these tax measures, then it would have been inevitable that low and middle income earners would be asked for much more.'

He claims the total of more than €600 million in tax adjustments aimed at the wealthier sections of society 'simply would not have happened without Labour in government.'

'In last year's general election we campaigned on a platform of fairness.

'We knew entering government that there would have to be difficult decisions and being in coalition we cannot do all that we would like.

'But Labour has stood up to the cosy protected sections and demanded that they pay a fair share,' he added.

' In again securing core social welfare payments and protecting children's education in our schools, Labour has once again proven the value of having a strong Labour Party in government.'