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Man had sword for gardening job

A MAN who claimed he had a Samurai sword for a gardening job when it was found on the front seat of his car in the early hours of the morning had the case against him adjourned last week.

Andrejus Naturjevas ( 25), 33 Oaklawns, Drogheda, was charged with possession of a knife at Marley's Lane on February 19th last year.

The case had been adjourned to last Wednesday in Dundalk so the interpreter, who translated for him at Drogheda Garda station, could come to court to say whether Naturjevas had given the gardening reason when he was questioned.

The Lithuanian interpreter said he remembered going to the Garda station in the early hours of the morning but he couldn't remember anything being said about the sword being used for gardening.

He said he had interpreted everything that was said by Naturjevas to the Gardai and vice versa.

He admitted, under cross examination from Naturjevas's barrister, that he couldn't remember one way or the other what exactly was said on the night.

The barrister said Naturjevas was not guilty of the offence because he had a 'reasonable explanation' for having the sword.

Naturjevas had been working earlier in the day and had been using the sword to trim bushes. He left the sword on the seat of the car and was driving home from a friend's house when he was stopped on suspicion of drink driving.

He was not over the limit and Gardai saw the sword on the passenger's seat when the car door was open.

Judge Hamill said Naturjevas was stopped shortly before 5am and the weapon was 'potentially lethal'.

The judge said he needed further time to consider the matter and the case was adjourned to July 27th.

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