Friday 19 July 2019

Man had €3,000 worth of drugs

A 51-year-old man who pleaded guilty to having €3,000-worth of cannabis herb in his house, has been given a chance to avoid going to jail.

Paul Tyndall, Marian Park, pleaded guilty to possession and possession for sale or supply of the drugs.

Initially, the accused, who has no previous convictions for drugs' offences, was only prepared to admit the possession charge, but after the case was let stand for a time, his solicitor indicated he was pleading guilty to both charges.

Sgt Amy O'Sullivan gave evidence that Tyndall's home was searched under warrant on 26 September, 2017, and approximately €3,000-worth of cannabis herb was found in a bedroom drawer.

He denied having the drugs for sale or supply, and was adamant they were for his own personal use.

Sgt O'Sullivan continued the defendant co-operated to an extent. She did not believe he had the cannabis for his own use.

Tyndall informed her he was holding the drugs for a third party, and she believed he may have been a middle man.

The officer agreed with Judge Gerry Jones' view that the man was not on street corners selling drugs.

At this stage, the judge said Tyndall was either pleading guilty to the supply charge or not, and added he would give him some time to 'make up his mind'.

Judge Jones continued he would treat him as fairly as he could. He accepted he was a middle man and may have been used.

When the case was recalled, solicitor Dorothy Walsh said her client was pleading guilty to both charges.

She added he was single, had no children and suffered chronic drug and alcohol addictions.

He has made attempts to reduce and eliminate his own consumption, but had serious difficulties 'maintaining any class of sobriety', Ms Walsh continued.

She got it difficult to take instructions from him.

Tyndall found all this upsetting and stressful. It was annoying and shameful for him as he came from a normal, decent family background.The solicitor said he was not in trouble on an ongoing basis, and anxious to hold onto his social housing, the only bit of stability in his life.

For the possession charge, the judge ordered a 12-month peace bond be signed. However, he added the supply charge was too serious, and adjourned it to 20 December, 2019.

If there is no trouble in the meantime, the Probation Act will be applied.

Otherwise, the judge commented, 'I will come back personally and lock him up.'

He asked Ms Walsh to make it clear to her client he was getting a break.

Legal aid was granted.

Drogheda Independent