Thursday 18 January 2018

Man grabbed store worker by the throat

A man who grabbed a Penney's employee by her throat after he had been approached by staff for causing a disturbance in the store was given a three month suspended sentence when he appeared at Drogheda District Court last Friday,

Richard Barron of 29 A Kenmon House, The Mell, Drogheda, pleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage and public order offences in the West Street store.

Inspector Brendan Cadden told the court that gardaí were called to the store and spoke to the manager who told him that the defendant had entered the store in a very drunken condition. He had caused difficulties for the staff and was approached by the manager and security and asked to leave.

As he was being permitted to pay for some items, he threw a tray of candle holders, narrowing missing staff. He attempted to hit a staff member and grabbed her by the throat before being restraint by security. He had a number of previous convictions.

Paddy Goodwin, solicitior, said he hadn't come to the notice of the gardaí since and had started a job with the Louth Addiction Services. He was very embarrassed by his behaviour and was very drunk on the occasion.

Drogheda Independent

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