Tuesday 19 March 2019

Man escapes burning house on Scarlet Street

Arson attack just metres from cottage hospital

The scene of the blaze on Scarlet Street
The scene of the blaze on Scarlet Street

Garda investigations are ongoing into a petrol bomb attack on a home on Scarlet Street last Wednesday night.

Just after 9pm, an object was thrown through the front window of the red brick bungalow, setting a room alight.

Substantial damage was done to the home.

A man in his 30s managed to escape the blaze but a dog was killed.

Gardai believe the incident is not related to the ongoing feud in the town which has seen a number of premises petrol bombed in recent months.

Gardai are seeking any witnesses to come forward.

"The petrol bomb attack on the house in Scarlet Street shows that there are elements in our community who have a total disregard for life and the safety of others. The house is just 15 metres away from the cottage hospital entrance and adjacent to where the ambulance service exits the hospital but the attackers don't care who they kill or injure,' Cllr Pio Smith stated.

He says garda numbers are under severe pressure as of the 19 guards who were assigned to the town in November, there are three left with the rest being sent to Dundalk and other stations.

'From a Garda perspective we are exactly the same as we were last Summer, that is, unable to properly police the largest town in the country,' he stated.

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