Friday 19 July 2019

Make Louth test case for filling unoccupied homes

A number of unoccupied houses are vacant in Louth while people are at risk of homelessness, local Independent TD Peter Fizpatrick told the Dail.

Deputy Fitzpatrick said 'I live in County Louth, the smallest county in Ireland. Our local authority has more than 60 unoccupied houses.

'These include voids, where the people who once lived there have passed away, others which have been subject to compulsory purchase order, or houses which are vacant for other reasons. The local authority is crying out for help.

'There are thousands on the waiting list. There is also a great deal of land in Louth. For some unknown reason, however, the Government has stopped our local authority from building houses. We have the land. All we need is a bit of funding.'

He asked if 'there any chance that the Government could use Louth, the smallest county in Ireland, in a pilot scheme to get 60 families off the waiting list and build these houses directly?'

Drogheda Independent