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Major town plan needed as bonfire collections begin


A major plan to address anti social and criminal behaviour in the build up to Halloween needs to begin now.

That's after the discovery of a large number of wooden pallets and tyres being stored in estates in advance of October.

Councillor Paul Bell claimed that many law abiding citizens are fed up and disillusioned with how their communities suffer from the actions of a few in the build up to what is meant to be a family night for all and not an excuse for lawless behaviour.

"My call comes to Council now in response to the visible actions of young people transporting large numbers of wooden pallets and tyres to housing estates in our town.

'In trying to confront this activity I have personally visited businesses on Donore Road to remind them of their obligations to the local community and also their legal obligation to ensure that waste material such as tyres and pallets are not made available to those who burn them in communities which inevitably lead to stress and anxiety on citizens.

Not to mention the pressure placed on public services such as the Gardai, Fire Service, Ambulance and Council staff charged with disposing of the aftermath" said Bell.

He says not only young people are involved, but people 'of an age who should know better.'

He also feels parents should be aware of what's going on as people risk getting seriously hurt.

'Halloween should be fun for all in our community and not an opportunity for those who believe that an exemption applies to behaviour which in many cases traumatises senior citizens and the very young. I have also requested that Council consider providing large jumbo bins for communities wishing to dispose of flammable waste products safely in the lead up to Halloween" said Bell

He is keen that the business community and representatives of that community, property owners, residents associations, public representatives, community leaders, youth leaders, school teachers, parents, sporting clubs, GARDAI and Council all need to play a part - starting now.