Thursday 24 January 2019

Major coastal protection is now required

Major action on replacing or repairing the coastal protection features on the coastline between Bettystown and Laytown has become a priority, according to local FG councillor Sharon Tolan.

She raised the matter at the recent area council meeting, stating that people were walking in top of the crumbling gabions and they were now a real danger,

'Meath County Council must increase its efforts to secure funding for the completion of Coastal Protection Works between Laytown and Bettystown,' she stated.

Following the recent and successful completion of one section, Tolan has called for the Local Authority to now make the remaining section a priority project.

"For those of us who regularly use the beach, or are residents along this section, it is clear to see that the gabions, and indeed, some of the boundary walls of the homes, are in a terrible and dangerous condition.

'This is a matter of public safety, and these gabions must be removed and similar coastal protection measures constructed in their place.

'The boundary walls of these homes are also a matter of public safety, and I don't believe these residents should be left to foot the bill for these protection measures.

'After all, it is not their fault we are experiencing climate change, and an increase in strong storm damage. I want to know why other areas of the country are being prioritised, and we are being ignored.

' I raised the issue of the deteriorating condition of these gabions back in 2014 when I was elected, and I was delighted that we received funding to repair one section, however, this was a pittance in the grand scheme of things, and has taken 3 years to complete.

'I want to see a fresh application go into the Department as a matter of urgency, and Minister Moran invited down to view the serious problems for himself. Why is Portrane receiving €456,000 for Coastal Protection Measures when our area has a lot more homes and businesses that need protecting?,' she asked.

Minister Moran was due in Laytown this week to formally unveil the excellent protection works carried out in recent months in one section

Drogheda Independent