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Low cost safety measures in place at Matthews Lane


Mayor Paul Bell has expressed his satisfaction with the low cost road safety measures installed by Louth County Council on Matthews Lane on the main road outside Knockbrack Downs and Knockbrack Close having campaigned with local residents for almost two years.

"This route is a high traffic volume and high speed area causing great concern for local residents walking to and from work and the retail park. The measures taken which consist of road signage, markings and most importantly ramps which physically impact on motorists determined to drive through the area at high speed. These measures will have the desired effect and hopefully prevent an accident which could lead to serious injury or death of a pedestrian or other vulnerable road users," said Bell

'I am determined that more work will be done in the area to make the route safer which includes a pedestrian crossing and even more immediate, enforcement of the existing weight restriction for HGVs which is openly being ignored. My approach to addressing this issue will also involve me consulting with Gardai and local businesses receiving deliveries," Bell concluded.