Wednesday 19 June 2019

Louth County Council backing the project

Hubert Murphy

Louth County Council Chief Executive Joan Martin has pledged her support to the Alzheimer's development, stating, 'we will assist with planning permission and anything we can do, we will. My door is open.'

Her vote of confidence in the volunteers comes 10 years after the then Drogheda Borough Council gave land for the project.

'When I was town clerk, we had a lot of meetings and this has taken time but maybe it will be a better centre for that.

'I know the members are behind it. This is a cause that there will be no hesitation about.'

Council chairman Liam Reilly also spoke and revealed it is close to his heart as his father suffered with Alzheimer's, so he knows how important family supports are.

'It has no boundaries and can affect anyone. It is a ruthless illness and years ago people didn't talk about it.

'For my family, it was very tough on my mother as he was her soulmate.

'I'll support the new Tredagh Lodge because I've seen what The Birches has done in North Louth.

Mayor Frank Godfrey added to the comments and said Drogheda people were very generous, but this needed backing from businesses and industry.

He thanked those who were part of the organisation and those in the past who had dedicated their lives to it.

Drogheda Independent