Tuesday 24 October 2017

Lourdes choir trio receive papal awards

THREE MEMBERS of the Lourdes Youth Choir were awarded with the Pope John Paul Papal awards by Archbishop Eamon Martin on Wednesday night.

Aine Rock, Katie Goldsmith and Lynsey Reilly all received the Gold Papal award in Armagh, just some of the seven awards which returned to Drogheda.

The choir is very pleased to say that five of their members have now taken part, completed and been awarded the Pope John Paul Awards.

'I am so proud of the each of the three ladies who received the award this year, it's a great achievement for them personally, their families the choir and the parish,' said Jackie Walshe, director of the choir.

'Aine, Lynsey and Katie were present for the last two years at the awards ceremony congratulating fellow choir members Eibhlin Munster and Hannah O'Brien.'

In order to receive the award, the youth must dedicate a number of hours to the church in whatever role they are comfortable with, and also a number of hours in the community and put their experience together into a project.

It was no surprise therefore that members of the Lourdes Youth choir would be interested in taking part.

At a lovely ceremony in Armagh where 186 young people aged between 16 and 18 in the diocese were awarded standards from Bronze, silver, and gold award to the highest award the Gold cross. There were also 76 young people aged 14-16 years who received the Muiredach Cross Award

The event was was set up in order to rejoice in the gifts and talents of 250 young people who were there to collect awards for their role in their respective parishes, communities and schools.

Representatives from all over the Diocese collected the awards, namely the Muiredach Cross Award and the Pope John Paul II Award in an event that has been described as "a fitting celebration for the work of young people in the Diocese.

'It is hoped that participation in this award will provide a solid foundation upon which to build in later life when a young person is eligible for the Pope John Paul II Award,' remarked the Archbishop.

Drogheda Independent