Thursday 15 November 2018

Libyan doctor suffered at the hands of Gaddafi



A LIBYAN born Drogheda doctor has spoken of her personal suffering at the hands of Colonel Gaddafi in her now war ravaged homeland.

Doctor Fatima Hamroush wants to highlight the cruel dictatorship of Gaddafi, which eventually forced her to leave her home.

Since coming to Ireland, she has tried to spread the word about what's going on in her country via the internet, but until now used a pseudonym for fear of reprisals.

Her father was jailed for three years by Gaddafi's forces during the 1969 coup and nearly 20 years later the family were caught up in the bombing of a Libyan military base by the Americans, living just a kilometre from it.

Finally, in 1996, after 1,200 prisoners were executed in Abusleem prison, she decided to flee the country with her children, Abdullah, Fouz, Omar and Farah.

She has worked an an Ophthalmologist in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital for the past 11 years.

In a bid to help the innocent Libyans caught up in the conflict, her son Abdulah (24) has now set up a Libyan hospital charity to raise funds to send to his native country.

Born in Benghazi, Fatima stated that the hope of the opposition is to 'get rid of Gaddafi's brutal and inhumane regime as a whole, to reintroduce the constitution with law and order prevailing, to respect human rights and have normal relations with other countries of the world.'

'The civilians of Libya continue to suffer, while Gaddafi has the best of everything,' she added. Two thirds of the population live below the bread line, this is despite Libya's position of ninth richest country in the world.

More information on Abdullah's campaign to help Libyan hospitals can be found at where donations can also be made.

Fatima and her family moved to Julianstown in 2004 and love living in the Ballygarth estate.