Friday 22 March 2019

Laytown players are 'sticker' stars

Hubert Murphy

Laytown United created a sporting first last weekend when they launched their very own sticker collection album.

And forget about Noble, Conte, Kane and Cahill - the stars of the album are the local players themselves!

In association with Cromogal, a company dedicated to the development of personalised albums for clubs, sports organisations and associations throughout Spain and Europe, the club took on the task of photographing all the players, coaches and teams since the start of the year.

They were turned into sticker format and a special Laytown United album was created.

From this week, the packets of stickers, each containing six images, will be on sale at the clubhouse and Tesco in Bettystown for €1.

'For several months Laytown and Cromogal have worked hand in hand to compile the sticker album of the 2018 season. The collection is composed of full color stickers where all the members of the Club are portrayed enjoying their great passion. It is hoped that the project will solidify existing bonds throughout the teams of the club as well as making new ones and will keep memories treasured for many years to come,' the club stated.

Nicola Crowe, the club PRO, said that the members were delighted with the idea and there was great excitement about the launch.

There are up to 200 images to collect and it's expected that there will be much swapping of stickers in Laytown over the coming weeks!

Drogheda Independent