Friday 19 July 2019

Laytown garda HQ no longer fit to serve growing population

‘Accommodation there is horrific,’ states councillor

Cllr Tom Kelly.
Cllr Tom Kelly.

Hubert Murphy

Is it time for the old Louth/Meath district to return and end the sometimes crazy situation of county boundaries dictating who responds to calls.

'It's a big issue', Cllr Stephen McKee told Supt Dwyer, remarking that people have to get Ashbourne station, rather than Drogheda, just a few miles away.

He said East Meath was a garda district prior to 2012.

He outlined issues on the Beamore Road, Tower Road and Five Oaks amongst others.

Supt Dwyer said a lot of burglaries were carried out by people coming into the area and not locals.

Cllr Paddy Meade said his home area of Lobinstown was served by a station that was fourth closest to the area, bypassing the likes of Collon and Ardee, as they were in Louth.

'We feel isolated. Half of Lobinstown has a Collon address and when they ring the station, they are asked what county do they live in.'

Supt Dwyer said he detested the debate over what area people were in. 'We must protect life and property first and sort out what the district is afterwards.'

The supt told Cllr Tom Kelly that he'd love a new station in Laytown but if he'd get one would be a different matter.

'The accommodation there is horrific and I can't understand how they can do their job. I asked the council to buy land for a new barracks and we need co-operation to acquire it. It is close to the existing barracks.'

Supt Dwyer said he'd relay the councillor's concerns to headquarters after he said the facilities at present could not accommodate any more gardai.

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