Monday 22 January 2018

Landlords refusing rent allowance to get higher income

Hubert MUrphy

Some greedy landlords are refusing to accept rent allowance tenants as they can get much higher levels of rent in the present climate.

It has come to such a level that Louth now needs to join greater Dublin areas like Meath, Kildare and Wicklow and get the Government to approve higher rent allowances for local people.

So dismayed are would-be tenants, they've sought assistance from local councillors in their plight.

'I have become deeply concerned at the amount of citizens advising me that landlords will not accept rent allowance as much higher levels of rent can be commanded. I am also aware that some landlords are refusing to renew leases with existing tenants on the basis tenants with higher incomes are securing leases at the expense of poor and low-income families,' stated Cllr Paul Bell.

'Urgent action is required and, in the first instance, rent allowance must be increased in tandem with a rent control mechanism. I am aware that a national commission is reviewing rent review but I am of the opinion that emergency action is required now.

'I am also aware that the increase in rents and property prices in Dublin is once again feeding into the housing difficulties in Drogheda and south Louth. The action of applying higher rent allowances in greater Dublin has never applied here and this anomaly needs urgent correction.'

He said Drogheda was facing a fast growing housing crisis with a lack of social housing construction projects.

Drogheda Independent

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