Thursday 23 May 2019

Labour meet by banks of Boyne

Drogheda's d Hotel was centre stage for the Labour party last weekend as they held their national 'think in' by the banks of the Boyne.

Labour TDs, Senator and Councillors met for two days to discuss new policy proposals for the new Dail term and plans for the local and European elections which will take place next May (2019).

Senator Ged Nash said, 'I am delighted that my colleagues have come to Drogheda for this important meeting.

'Recapturing the seat I narrowly lost at the 2016 General Election is a priority for the Labour Party, as is retaining the seats of Cllr Pio Smith and Paul Bell in the Drogheda town area and electing additional Councillors across Louth and East Meath.

'We are working hard on the ground, providing practical solutions to the real problems people are facing in the context of an economic recovery that is not being experienced by everyone and is leaving too many people and families behind.

'We have proposed a massive €16 billion investment in public housing which would see initiatives including the building of 80,000 new public homes to address Ireland's most pressing social issue,' he added.

'Working people need a strong Labour Party in the Dáil. The absence of a strong voice for working people in the Dáil from Louth and East Meath who gets things done is becoming more apparent by the day. We will continue to fight hard to put that right and we have never been better prepared for a general election whenever that election is called.'

Drogheda Independent