Sunday 19 January 2020

Kilsaran appeal €400,000 condition

Dunleer quarry site backfilling operation comes with a pricetag

Hubert Murphy

Appeals have been lodged over the granting of permission for the backfilling of a former quarry on the Dundalk Road in Dunleer.

Kilsaran Concrete Unlimited Company - who were granted the permission on the 16.7 hectare site - are one of the appellants, stating that while they welcome the decision to grant permission, they are appealing against a financial contribution imposed by the council as one of the conditions.

Louth county council are seeking a total of €400,800 as part of the council's Development Contribution Scheme 2016-2021 - which includes roads and surface water and amenity funding.

However, Kilsaran Concrete say that the council has not 'properly applied' the terms of the Scheme as they have quoted costs for 'quarries' - while the Dunleer operation is for 'land restoration' only and does not include any quarry/ extraction related activities.

'Indeed 'land restoration' or 'soil and stone recovery facility' is not listed as a category of development were contributions can be levied under the Scheme,' the appeal adds.

They want the condition removed or a 'revised' contribution sum agreed and 'attributale to the proposed development.'

The company plan to import in the region of 3.6m tonnes of natural inert waste and or non waste materials, consisting of excess soil, stone or broken rock. The period will be 12 years in total.

When complete, the site will be covered in subsoil and topsoil and returned to agricultural use.

Local residents have also appealed the decision, saying it will impact on their daily lives. Many have had to live with issues in relation to the quarry for decades prior to its closure. They say that included 'regular blasting, constant dust, endless noise and rat infestation.'

There are fears that the constant daily flow of trucks into and out of the site will impact on the lives and safety of local people who reside in the area and use the road.

A decision is expected on April 22, 2020.

Drogheda Independent