Monday 23 July 2018

Joyriders causing menace in Tullyallen car park

The car park in Tullyallen
The car park in Tullyallen

Joyriders in the parochial hall car park are causing a menace in Tullyallen.

Speaking at the policing meeting, Cllr David Saurin said that people were 'skidding in cars and burning tyres' in the car park and that there was a general increase in anti social behaviour in Tullyallen and more garda resources were needed there.

He said a lot of trouble was centred around the church with youths drinking and taking drugs in the lane beside it.

He also said that measures were also needed to be taken to prevent break ins to vehicles at Mellifont Abbey.

Supt Andrew Watters said that when there is an overlap with resources, additional patrol cars can go out to Tullyallen. 'The community guard has a role and if we nip this in the bud now, good, before it gets bigger.'

605 cars were seized in 2017

Cllr Paul Bell has said that when the 'squeeze' was put on, the instances of joyriding in estates in town were finally being tackled.

Outlining his crime report, Supt Andrew Watters said that 443 cars were seized in 2016 and last year, some 605 were impounded. Some were parked up with no tax or insurance and taken away.

'It is a shocking statistic but communities have come together to confront this. Even on Christmas Day, there was joyriding on scramblers but the gardai did respond. If the community had confidence in the system, it will encourage more to follow up,' Cllr Bell added.

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