Saturday 17 August 2019

Joint East Meath/ Drogheda plan

Hubert Murphy

A joint Urban Area Plan is to be developed for the East Meath/Drogheda area - to include a retail strategy for both areas.

East Meath councillors were informed by officials the formal link up must now happen with both chief executives to be involved.

Cllr Stephen McKee said the plan comes on foot of his suggestion, on the back of a similar move by James Byrne in the Drogheda area.

'It's in our interests that Drogheda gets investment,' Cllr McKee stated. He said Drogheda is the local town and a 'joined up' plan was needed to help with issues that arise in the districts.

He said a number of estates were shared or within each other's boundaries and Meath CC were always helping in trying to resolve matters, such as the path from Deepforde and the Rosevale pedestrian crossing. 'It can be harder with Louth,' he admitted,'but its part Louth and part Meath and people just want the job done.

He said the Boyne Greenway project was a further example of good cooperation.

He said there was also the issue of City Status and people were sometimes confused by it. He said it would not involve a boundary change, but would allow Drogheda reach its potential.

Cllr Paddy Meade agreed with the idea of meetings, but felt that it needed to be seven members each to make sure numbers were equal when voting.

Cllr Sharon Tolan felt it was important that the Cathaoirleach of the Municipal Area was sitting on the committee, rather than the county council, as they knew the issues better.

'It can't come quick enough,' she added.

'I'm looking forward to working with Joan Martin as I've found her easy to work with in the past in this area. We want investment in the area,' Cllr Sharon Keogan explained.

Drogheda Independent