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Ireland 'joined' at Clogherhead


I KNEW Clogherhead was old. But I didn't know it could be dated to 420 million years ago!

And back then the journey from Clogher to Dunleer would have taken slightly longer than the 20 or so minutes of today. Both places were

thousands of miles apart and separated by a vast ocean!

I managed to glean this information from a link sent to me from the programme 'Blueprint' on BBC.

Appa ren t ly , Clogherhead is where two vast continents collided millions of years ago and the jagged rocks around by the head were created by the two land masses coming together, the crumple zones so to speak.

The question that comes to mind is how can the experts tell all this? Research has been carried out on the rocks and deep inside them they've discovered fossils, the remains of ancient sea creatures which, over the years, turned into rock.

On one part of the head you find remains of North American fossils and on the other side, links to the South Pole, hence the proof that the whole area was once part of differing continents before being fused together.

The line that once divided Ireland runs from Clogherhead right down to Co Limerick.

I suppose when you think about it and indeed look at the rock formations they are pretty unusual.

I know the Prawn Festival is back on again this year and a talk on the geological history of the place would be fascinating.

Now I must head off and see can I pick up some 420 million year old fossils!