Monday 22 July 2019

'Independent should have been selected'

Frank Godfrey brands events at meeting as a 'farce and fiasco'

Hubert Murphy

Former Independent councillor Frank Godfrey has branded the selection of a former Fianna Fail election candidate as a new Independent councillor as a 'farce and a fiasco'.

The former mayor said he can't believe what happened at last week's council meeting in Dundalk that saw Declan Power claim a seat on the Drogheda Rural council.

Cllr Kevin Callan was elected in Drogheda Urban and Drogheda Rural, but declared that he'd be taking the Urban seat, so freeing up the Rural seat.

He selected Mr Power, who stood in the election for FF, as his replacement after he resigned from the party.

'It was undemocratic as far as I'm concerned,' Mr Godfrey remarked.

'The people of rural Drogheda voted for an independent, but they got someone who fought the election for Fianna Fail.

'I was the only independent left standing,' he stated. 'I believe that somebody who stood at the election as an independent should have been selected.'

He also asked why did Fianna Fail not nominate someone for the seat, seeing that it was one of their former members who was going to be selected.

'I have received a lot of feedback and people are not happy with the process of how this was done.

'I don't have an issue with Declan Power, it is just that an independent who stood as an independent should have been nominated.'

He said he was grateful to Mid Louth independent candidate Hugh Conlon for nominating him for the seat, but no-one would second it.

'For me, this is now a case of still serving the community.

'I am on a number of committees and there is a lot of work to be done around Drogheda, especially with the Fleadh on the way to the town.

'I'll be working towards that now.'

Drogheda Independent