Wednesday 25 April 2018

Hundreds with disabilities await a home

Fiona Magennis

Some 400 people with disabilities are currently waiting for a new home on the Louth Social Housing Waiting List it has been revealed.

The figure has been criticised by REHAB, Ireland's largest independent charity for people with disabilities, who said the government is failing people with disabilities by not providing them with their basic human rights.

It said the government needs to take urgent action to address these new figures and said access to appropriate social housing remains a major stumbling block for people with disabilities.

'A lack of availability and choice makes housing a significant issue for the 600,000 people with disabilities living in our communities,' said a spokesperson for the organisation. 'Furthermore, more than 3000 people with disabilities are still living in institutions. This figure does not include the 1,200 people under 65, most of whom have disabilities, inappropriately placed in nursing homes. These people housed in inappropriate setting are being deprived of the basic human right to live in the community and play an active role in society.'

They said the government's delay in taking responsibility for funding of appropiate housing demonstrates a complete lack of priority for people with disabilities.

'The Government's delay in taking responsibility for funding of appropriate housing, demonstrates a complete lack of priority for people with disabilities.The organisation, which supports over 20,000 people, has now reiterated its call for the Government to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD).' Ireland is the only country in Europe which has still failed to ratify this vital international agreement.

Drogheda Independent