Sunday 18 March 2018

House at the Marsh haunted

AT the Drogeda Quarter Sessions, a case was brought against a Mr. Kinney on the suit of Miss Weir to recover a quarter's rent, £5 15s, for a house, her property, at the Marsh, Drogheda.

The defendant was examined and stated that he moved into the house on a Monday night.

They heard noises in it on the second night they were there. His wife told him that something heavy had been thrown upon her in bed. She looked up and saw a figure lying over the bottom of the bed. She was greatly frightened and said they were going to leave the following day.

His Honor: 'That is no defence in the eyes of the law. I must give a decree.'

Mr. Smith (solicitor for defendant): 'I have witnesses here who can prove to you that the house is haunted.'

His Honor: 'That does not matter.'

Drogheda Independent