Tuesday 17 September 2019

'Holocaust' homage to Smarmore

Hubert Murphy

A group from America will pay homage at an 'Irish Holocaust' memorial in Smarmore this Saturday.

Headed by Doctor Nelson Borelli, of Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, they will visit six 'mass graves' marked with stone monuments and consecrated by local priests, in various parts of the country.

They will pay their respects at the mass grave in Smarmore, Ardee, on Saturday September 7, 2019 at 1 p.m. before travelling to Mullingar.

The Smarmore 'Holocaust Memorial' was erected in 2016 and highlights the manner in which many locals suffered and died during the Famine.

It states that the stone marks the resting place of 'starvelings' of 1846-1850, who were removed here from Ardee workhouse after their deaths.

It adds that British regiments, including the 8th Dragoons and the 17th Lancers removed food from the area, including livestock and grain, meaning locals perished.

'The general public is invited. We are very pleased there is a consecrated mass grave monument in the area of Smarmore; the respect for the dead makes us humans,' Dr Borelli told the Mid Louth Independent.

Drogheda Independent