Saturday 19 October 2019

Holly's unique link to chains

Hubert Murphy

A unique local link to the historic chains of the Lord Mayor of Dublin was revealed during a visit to the grave of former mayor, Bartholomew Von Homrich in St Peter's Church of Ireland cemetery.

Present Dublin Mayor Nial Ring met Drogheda mayor Frank Godfrey on Saturday and also present were two direct descendants of Von Homrich, Andrew Mawhood and his daughter, Holly, a student at Ballymakenny College.

Andrew from Derbyshire came to Ireland for work over a decade ago and the family settled in Tullyallen as it was easy to commute to Dublin.

But it was only after researching the family history did he learn that he was related to the Dublin mayor of 1697-1698, who petitioned William of Orange for a new set of chains, which to this day, bear the image of the Battle of the Boyne victor.

Holly is his 11th direct descendant and said it would certainly boost her interest in history!

Two generations after Bartholomew was Dublin mayor, Peter Von Homrich became Mayor of Drogheda and was MP for the town from 1826-1830 and lived in Listoke House.

It is believed Bartholomew was Polish and came to Ireland via Holland.

The Dublin mayor died in 1703 and is buried in St Peter's with a number of family members.

Bartholomew was father of another historic person - Vanessa - who was immortalised in the poetry of Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin and author of Gulliver's Travels, and a frequent visitor to Drogheda.

Liam Reilly gave a talk about the historic links while Mayor Ring said he had his own links to the area, running in the Noel Carroll 10k last year .

Mayor Godfrey said he was delighted that that the mayor had travelled from Dublin, which saw them both lay a wreath at the graveside.

A tour of St Peter's also took place as well as a look at some of the other top locations around Drogheda.

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