Tuesday 19 March 2019

Heroes of 1921 are recalled

Hubert Murphy

Two of Drogheda's most tragic figures were remembered with a short wreath laying ceremony on Sunday morning last, to mark the 98th anniversary of their murder in 1921.

Sean Moran and Alderman Thomas Halpin were taken from their homes by the Black and Tans and shot dead.

The Celtic Cross on the Marsh Road honours them.

Mayor Frank Godfrey hosted the occasion, which was attended by one other councillor, Pio Smith.

Members of the ONE provided a colour party while John McCullen outlined the events of the 1921 era.

Fr Colm O'Mahony of the Augustinian community blessed the monument while local poet Bridie Maxwell also recited a poem written for the day.

Donnacha MacRaghnaill also addressed those gathered.

Mayor Godfrey said it was correct to remember Halpin and Moran and all those that died for Irish freedom during a turbulent time in Irish history.

He said the event was held annually by the council as one of its members gave his life for his country.

He hoped the monument, right beside the Boyne Fisherman's Rescue base, could be brightened in some way in the future with flowers and trees, especially that the 100th anniversary was just two years away.

He thanked all those who turned out, including the ONE, St John Ambulance and the gardai.

Morning Bridie Maxwell.

On this special February morning

We gather to honour the memory of Halpin and Moran,

Two young Drogheda men who were dragged to their death in 1921,

Shot in the back by the saddest cowards known to man.

Only a coward would shoot a man in the back,

Then dump both one upon the other beneath our beautiful viaduct.

Birds sing in celebration,

knowing that those foreign sounding men have long since met their maker,

Justice truly done.

And now the morning sky

embraces our young heroes

forever young never to grow old

Always to be remembered with kindness and love

Sweet music spears the sky in wonder

At the price these young men have paid

so because of this they will live forever

Through all of our lives and all of our days.

Halpin and Moran we salute you

In whispers of truth

and undying love.

Drogheda Independent