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Heroes in Lourdes and other parts of our health service

At a time when the region needs people like those in the frontline in the likes of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, St Josephs Hospital in Ardee and the various nuring care facilities from Sunhill to Moorehall, the call to arms could never be more important.

As the Second World War raged, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, ' when you are going through hell, keep going.'

Over the coming weeks and months, those in the frontline, adding in emergency service workers, will go through hell and that's where their supporters need to cheer them on.

Mayor of Drogheda, Cllr Paul Bell (right), knows only too well the role of medical and emergency staff in his position with SIPTU.

'Citizens have a role to play in this national emergency and the virus cannot be defeated by one section of the community. It is our collective duty to ensure that the most vulnerable and at risk are supported and protected,' he stated.

He asks people to follow the guidelines set down by the HSE, to adhere to basic hygiene and to play their part in this 'threat to the economy and society.'

He fears that there is a 'bit to go yet' in relation to the virus and it could get worse before it gets better.

Keeping calm in the face of such a threat, is, he feels, paramount in order to lessen anxiety amongst certain elements of the community.

He expressed concerns with the initial reaction of panic when it came to food. But he feels people will rally and he sees that already in the town and region.

With 2,000 people working in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, he knows how vital the service is and believes those there are doing their very best to keep people safe.

'We must also support our defence forces, the gardai and the role the local authority play,' he stated.

'All the actions we take as individuals can be the difference between life and death.

'A certain section of our community, senior citizens, may not have access to a computer or social media and I ask people to be aware of that and help where its needed.'

He feels people must respect GPs and their staff at all times, as everyone is under pressure.

Everybody is doing their best and we must remember that,' he added.

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