Thursday 23 May 2019

Greenhills goes French for a week!

Hubert Murphy

Almost 40 students from Normandy have made Drogheda the number one tourist destiny in Europe! - thanks to a great week spent by the Boyneside.

They were part of a cultural exchange programme between Our Lady's College, Greenhills and Notre Dame school in Normandy.

'This has been going on for 20 years and is growing all the time,' Ms Louise Garry stated. With Ms Aine Muldoon, she helps organise the 'twinning', started two decades ago by Ms Barry.

It has become the envy of many other schools as it proves to be the perfect link up - students from Drogheda going to France in March and then their 'twins' returning to stay with them in May.

The Normandy school is mixed, so they have boys and girls coming over.

'When we go over there, the students are emersed in the culture as they live with the host families and it certainly helps their French,' Ms Garry remarked.

On their trip to Ireland, the group managed to see the likes of Causey Farm, Glendalough and Dublin as well as all the delights of Drogheda and the entire district.

'The families also show them a good time and bring them to see different places,' she added.

The eight days spent in France and Drogheda always prove very memorable for those involved.

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