Saturday 20 January 2018

Green flag is hoisted at St. Olivers Community College

Group pictured at the raising of the Green Flag at St. Oliver's Community College.
Group pictured at the raising of the Green Flag at St. Oliver's Community College.


ST OLIVER'S Community College is leading the way as one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the country.

The school with all of the students and teachers have been working hard over the past two years in an attempt to make the school more environmentally friendly. The Green Schools committee led by Ms Rowan and Mr Kirk ran a major campaign within the school and the surrounding area.

This involved recycling of paper, plastic and metal and reducing outgoing waste. The positive attitude towards the environment quickly transferred to the students and everyone got involved. The Transition year students played a major part in the campaign and took on the daily task of emptying the bins and tidying up the litter around the school.

A few weeks ago a representative from Green Schools Ireland visited the school to assess the Green Schools campaign. The school was successful and received a green flag in recognition of the student's efforts.

Councillor Oliver Tully , Mary Murtagh from Louth County Council and CEO Dr Padraig Kirk were present along with past principal Dan Toole to raise the flag last week.

Current principal John Halpin commended all the students and staff who helped in the on-going campaign and said it is a time to celebrate within the school. Mary Murtagh commended everyone involved in the campaign. She was surprised how successful the campaign was in such a large school and stated that it was one of the most environmentally friendly schools she had ever seen. She ended her address by thanking the school and said she looks forward to awarding the school its second green flag in the near future. The flag was then raised by Dan Toole in front of the school to a loud applause from the audience present.

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