Tuesday 15 October 2019

Government needs to act

Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore

The government has been blamed for failing to back policing services in Drogheda.

Fianna Fáil Drogheda Urban local election candidate Anthony Moore condemned the shooting of a man in the M1 retail park, remarking "This attack marks a major escalation in the gangland feud that is plaguing our town. We have now seen a person gunned down in broad daylight in a major shopping area and in the immediate vicinity of innocent bystanders."

He laid the blame for this latest outrage squarely at the door of the government, saying: "As our Justice spokesman Jim O'Callaghan pointed out when he came here last January to talk about crime, the Fine Gael / Independent government has failed to ensure sufficient Garda numbers in Drogheda. The additional Gardaí allocated to Drogheda before Christmas were largely taken away in the new year, allowing this feud to boil over again. While we all know the Gardaí can't be everywhere, lack of sufficient numbers in Drogheda means it's difficult for them to be anywhere."

He continued, saying: "Unless government now gives Drogheda the extra Gardaí and robust policing it so obviously needs, shootings like this will continue to happen and, as we've seen around the country, innocent people with no involvement in drugs and crime will inevitably be caught in the crossfire and killed. Government can nip this in the bud, but time to do it is rapidly running out. We are now on the brink of becoming like Limerick in the 1990s."

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