Tuesday 17 September 2019

Glorious occasion for Clogherhead RNLI

Lifeboat will save lives right along our coast in the years to come

Hubert Murphy

In a week when Clogherhead was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, last Saturday's official unveiling of the new €4m RNLI lifeboat was hailed as a glorious moment in the history of the vlllage.

And those on board the 'Michael O'Brien' were hailed as heroes for saving lives on a regular basis.

In an inspiring ceremony, the very essence of Clogherhead's spirit was epitimised by David Delamer of the RNLI, who offiicially handed the boat over to coxswain Tomas Whelahan, saying that 'the Clogherhead volunteers are the embodiment of the RNLI. We are grateful to you.'

Roy and Barbara Hill, who acted for the late Henry Tomkins, whose legacy helped fund a lot of the finance needed for the new craft, said they were hugely impressed by the enthusiasm in Clogherhead - 'Henry would have loved to have been here,' they said.

He knew Michael O'Brien, a coxswain on the Arklow lifeboat and wanted to see him honoured in some way for his service. His own mother had been deeply involved in the RNLI and felt this would be a great way to recognise the work of the lifesaving service.

A huge crowd turned out for the day and the music came courtesy of the Clogherhead RNLI musical group.

The Coastguard helicopter also flew over as the boat was officially launched into the Irish Sea.

Drogheda Independent