Wednesday 22 November 2017

Gardai tackle illegal parking

By Hubert Murphy

Cars parking all day on the side of the road, close to the playground at the Fair Green in Ardee, are set to be targeted in a clampdown on parking in the town.

There is a two-hour limit on the stretch, but many commuters use the nearby bus service in the early morning and only return in the evenings.

Director of Services at Louth County Council Joe McGuinness has warned that the gardai 'will be enforcing' parking bylaws on the road.

'People are not supposed to be parking there all day,' he stated.

The issue arose after Cllr Dolores Minogue asked what could be done after she received a lot of complaints from parents who want to use the nearby playground. 'They say they can't use it because they can't get parked. It's not fair on them,' she stated.

Meanwhile, Cllr Jim Tenanty suggested that the issue could be resolved by resurfacing a stretch of car park at the Ash Walk - which could take 60 cars - and at the same time move the controversial bottle bins away from Ferdia Park. The early morning bus service could be directed to stop nearby.

Drogheda Independent

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