Tuesday 17 September 2019

Garda net is closing on feud members

The net is closing on those involved in a feud that claimed the life of a Drogheda man last week.

A series of raids and individual car stops have been carried out in the days after the brutal slaying of Keith Branigan (29) in a Clogherhead caravan park.

He was gunned down by a hitman in what gardai say was a well-planned and professonal shooting.

But Supt Andrew Watters has moved to reassure the public that the gardai's war on serious crime in the locality is only going to get stronger.

'We have people before the courts with strict bail conditions and at the same time that this indiscriminate and callous murder took place, we had four people detained in Drogheda Garda station for a serious arson attack,' he stated.

Drogheda Independent