Saturday 22 September 2018

Gardaí in Cameron murder warning

Gardai hunting the murderer of Cameron Reilly say that 'intimidation' of people who may have certain knowledge in relation to the investigation 'will not be tolerated'.

Supt Andrew Watters has confirmed he has become aware of 'suggestions of possible intimidation' and gardaí will tackle it.

'Until we get a complaint from someone we can't act, but if it's happening, we must be told. We will not tolerate this, we won't allow people to interfere with this tragic case.'

He has again appealed for information, urging people to get in touch with the gardai or a parent or teacher. 'We ask people to stand up and have a conscience. Do not let this drag on for the family,' he said.

He again said Cameron's phone is a vital part of the investigation, as well as his unused bank card, and if anybody comes across a phone, contact gardai immediately.

Over 400 tasks in relation to the case were ongoing on Monday of this week, with Supt Watters adding, 'the case is progessing.'

Drogheda Independent