Tuesday 17 September 2019

GAA and rugby could use Drogheda ground

Chairman pleads for action on united's proposed new stadium

A totally frustrated Drogheda Utd chairman has said that he would settle for a new municipal stadium to serve all codes of sport - stating that he just wants to see it built.

Conor Hoey has hit out at the delay in getting the project over the line, with two clients waiting on securing United Park.

'I'm hugely frustrated at the lack of progress on the new stadium. I'm frustrated that the FAI are in such a dire state that Government funding is in effect being held back for people like us who want developments.

'We have two offers on the table for United Park, I'm constantly pushing the FAI to engage with those people to build structures in there. The County Council are ready and onside and the site is there.

'I've sent a rocket this week to the FAI saying 'pull your finger out' and I'm hoping to meet Noel Mooney in the next few weeks. Noel is great and is a supporter of this, but I just need to get things moving on that, so that's been a huge frustration for me, but I can see little signs of progress.

'There's an amazingly positive future out there, but there's some work to do to get there. We have the offers on United Park. We just have to structure it financially and just get building.

He says opening the ground to everyone is ok by him.

'One thing I want to look at with the new stadium as well. The idea was to build a big soccer centre, but to hell with that. I want municipal. I don't care if the GAA use it or rugby or if there's a swimming centre or a basketball court.

'If it means we get it built quicker I'll share it with any sports, so I've already opened dialogue with a couple of other sports in Drogheda about the possibility of sharing this site to help things things forward quickly - and why not.

'When I see Louth GAA building a 14,000-seater stadium outside Dundalk, with the greatest respect to the GAA I think why aren't they sharing that with Dundalk FC? It's absolutely bonkers!

'I want it to be municipal, I want us to share. It's all about better facilities for Drogheda the town, for the city - that's what we want to do.

'I don't need the biggest thing in the world, I just need a stadium.'

Drogheda Independent