Thursday 23 May 2019

Future is about creating jobs

Hubert Murphy

There's nothing like taking in a bit of fresh air and when Geoff Fitzpatrick raises his voice, you can just feel the passion that he feels for the town.

His rhetoric is clear and to the point - 'fair to prepare, prepare to fail' - he remarked, stating that the town has had no direction since 2008, with no solid plans - and that needs to change.

He is part of the LoveDrogheda campaign, determined to change the face of how things are done in the town, a case of doing it for ourselves.

He declared 8,000 leave the town each day to go to work in Dublin and he asked why?

'We have to create jobs in this town for those people,' he stated. 'We have to regenerate this town and the government have to put the resources in.'

Geoff is part of the BIDS scheme, a push to create an investment in the town centre, in co-operation with all the local firms and Louth CC via the rates.

It is a project that can deliver great things for the future of the town, if everyone buys into the programme. It is something Dundalk and many other towns have, not only in Ireland but around the world.

Geoff, like those involved in setting up the scheme, sees the need for change to help all sectors of the community.

With his drive as part of BIDS - the town could be on the edge of a jobs revolution.

Drogheda Independent