Thursday 5 December 2019

Fr Iggy calls for 'day of atonement'



THE proposed commemorative ceremony to mark the 30th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Drogheda should be declared a 'day of atonement' for the sins of the Catholic Church.

That's the view of outspoken Augustinian cleric Iggy O'Donovan who feels the day, September 27th, should be inspired by asking for forgiveness, rather than a celebration.

'Would it not be appropriate that the church designate that Sunday as the 'day of atonement' in reparation for the sins of abuse committed against the innocent over the years,' he revealed.

'Surely it would make more sense than engaging in a triumphalist nostalgic demonstration, commemorating what has turned out to be the last sting of a dying wasp.'

Writing in the weekly bulletin, he feels the arrival of the Pope to Killineer appeared to be the start of a new beginning for the church in this country, but, 'as events unfolded however we now know that this was an illusion'.

'A major triumph it was but it simply managed to slow down temporarily a trend which was already well underway.

'We must realistically face the situation we are now in.'

He feels the likes of Drogheda were all 'landmarks' but the reform they could have sparked did not occur and now the country is facing up to the Ryan Report and the upcoming Dublin Diocesan report.

'Marching out to Killineer in 2009 to "celebrate" a triumph or a great victory of some 30 years earlier is equivalent of a seriously ill cancer patient boasting that he/she is in the best of health,' he added.