Sunday 8 December 2019

Flowers cast into the Boyne

Hubert Murphy

The Dominican Church hosted a poignant remembrance service on Sunday, concluding with a 'ceremony of the flowers' on St Dominick's Bridge.

Concelebrated by Fr Jim Donleavy and PP of St Mary's and Holy Family parish, Fr Phil Gaffney, the ceremony marked, amongst other things, the links between the Boyne and both sides of the river.

Fr Jim said it was an occasion for both areas to join together to remember those who had passed away over the course of the year.

He thanked Fr Gaffney for being such a big part of the occasion and all those that helped to make the day such a memorable one for so many people.

After the mass and led by the ONE colour party, the massgoers made their way to the river and threw in flowers.

The likes of the St John Ambulance played their part on the day, which was attended by the Deputy Mayor, Michelle Hall and President of the ONE, Jim Fay.

Drogheda Independent