Thursday 18 October 2018

Five Oaks residents concern for safety

The entrance to Five Oaks
The entrance to Five Oaks

Fiona Magennis

Residents in Five Oaks on the Dublin Road, Drogheda, are concerned about traffic problems on the estate and are calling for a zebra crossing to be installed near the green area, it has been revealed.

IN a letter to local representatives and Drogheda Borough Council engineer Pat Finn, the residents said cars using the estate regularly ignore the 'Stop' sign between Five Oaks and Five Oaks village.

'This is of concern given the number of children that play on the green area,' said a spokesperson for the Residents Association.

'To reduce the risk, residents have suggested the erection of a zebra crossing at the junction.'

He said this would assist children reaching the green area safely.

yellow lines to stop commuters leaving their cars in the estate all day, and the erection of a 'Caution Children' sign have been suggested in the letter. The residents raised concerns about cars parking at the front of the estate on a daily basis while waiting for private buses.

'To reduce the risk these pose, residents have suggested painting double yellow lines at the front of the estate,' said the spokesperson.

The letter went on to raise concerns about a health and safety hazard behind some of the houses in the estate due to overgrown trees and subsidence at the stream behind the houses.

The spokesperson said residents are 'very concerned' about this issue and were seeking assistance and advice as to how this could be resolved.

Having visited the area and met with residents, Independent Cllr Frank Godfrey said he has arranged a site visit with the Louth County engineer and has tabled a motion to the next Council meeting.

'These are very valid concerns and must be addressed without delay,' said Cllr Godfrey.

'The residents and particularly the children, must be made safe.

'As well as the traffic issues, some houses are facing subsidence as they were built near a stream.

'Something needs to be done,' he added.

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