Wednesday 21 November 2018

Firefighters are hailed as heroes


MAYOR Frank Maher has praised the courage of firefighters for helping to save priceless historic items from the flames of Monday nights inferno at the chamber offices.

And he has also heralded the council staff for turning up and saving numerous files.

'They just came from everywhere. When they heard what was happening they wanted to play their part and deserve great credit,' he said.

The staff, aided by local councillors, formed human chains to remove files from the threatened offices.

Others arrived in for work on Tuesday morning, shocked by what had happened.

The fire service were also deemed heroic.

'It was an incredible job. As they fought the blaze they carried a number of items from the fire, such as paintings and plaques which all have a huge part in our history,' the mayor stated.

'They were items pertaining to the official opening of the building by President Patrick Hillery and Kathleen Dempsey, the first female member of the council and also Con O'Brien and they managed to get those.

'The firefighters clearly realised the significance of what was in front of them.'

The mayor also revealed that he has received numerous calls from the public, 'upset and concerned' at what happened.

'The council goes back eight centuries in this town and people have a strong regard for the role it carries out'.