Wednesday 17 January 2018

Firebomb attack on car and house

Gardai in Drogheda are investigating a firebomb attack on a car and house in Five Oaks village on the Dublin Road.

The incident happened at around 12.30am on Wednesday morning last, August 6th.

The family car and home were both targeted in the vicious attack, which caused substantial damage to the vehicle and the front of the house.

The four residents of the house, a couple and their two children, were at home at the time of the incident and were said to be shocked but uninjured.

Those responsible first smashed a window of the 2010-registered Mazda car parked in the driveway before throwing a flamable device thrown into the vechicle

The front window of the family home was also broken and an attempt was made to throw a firebomb into the house. However, the attempt was unsuccessful and the firebomb exploded in front of the residence, causing scorch damage to the front walls of the family home.

There were no witnesses to the incident, which occurred in a matter of seconds, and no arrests have been made as yet.

However, a spokesperson for the gardaí said investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, gardaí in Drogheda are investigating reports of an alleged stabbling in the Dominic Street area of the town last Saturday evening.

A spokesperson said a call was made reporting an alleged stabbing at around 6.45pm.

Gardaí attended the scene and cordoned off the area for examination. However, while there was a quantity of blood in the area no injured party was found at the scene and no one has subsequently come forward to make a complaint to gardaí.

'We are still to look into it but no injured party has come forward to gardaí and there have been no admissions to hospital following this incident,' said the spokesperson.

Drogheda Independent

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