Saturday 19 January 2019

Finnan McCoy looking for a return to council life at next elections

Mid Louth Diary

Hubert Murphy

Former councillor Finnan McCoy has declared his intention to contest the next local elections in 2019, stating that he has started canvassing already.

'There are so many issues that need to be sorted out. I'm looking forward to the challenge,' he stated.

The Fine Gael member spent 23 years on the council and 35 years on the Town Council before failing to get re-elected at the last elections.

One of his aims will be a partial ban on HVGs passing through Ardee, stating that they are causing ongoing damage to the streets and are of 'no benefit' to the town as they are simply passing through.

'Only heavy lorries with business in Ardee should be allowed through the town,' he stated.

He says traffic coming from the Collon Road should be diverted down the road to Dunleer and then join the M1 and take the Link Road around the town.

Coming from the north, they could do the same route in reverse.

'There is no toll involved in that journey and it would save the truckers time as they won't be getting stuck in Ardee's traffic. At this point in time, banning HGVs for through traffic is more important than the Western Bypass,' he claimed.

'Some improvements on the grates on the main street were carried out in October, but people have made representations to me about the state of the streets. The heavy trucks are just going to keep damaging the place.'

He says people have come to him with various issues, including the castle. 'People are fed up with the fences around it and want action. I know it's the wish of the Chief Executive to carry out the works there but people are fed up with the slow pace,' he stated. 'Ratepayers have asked me what has been the cost of the hire of these barriers over the last 18 months and if something did fall off the castle, they wouldn't protect anyone.'

The pedestrian crossing at the Bank of Ireland is another disaster he feels and is also keen to see something done with the crossing in Collon, close to the school.

'The Fair Green is a facility that needs public toilets due to the playground,' he added.

Changes are also needed on Sean O'Carroll street and he is keen to see some kind of restrictions on traffic as residents are not happy.

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