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Family lives with virus fears every day for the last three years

While the country has been gripped with a rush for hand sanitising products in a bid to battle the Covid-19 outbreak, one Mid Louth family has had to live with such a regime for the past three years - every hour, every day.

Little Bobby Carolan (3) was born with a heart problem and from the moment he entered the family home, the constant battle to keep infections away from him began.

'I would really like to tell people not to panic . This is the way we have been living for the past three years. A world of hand sanitising and trying to prevent colds and flus. No one can call to our house if they are unwell and we don't go into overcrowded places during flu season. When Bobby was born and was been discharged from hospital, we where been given the same advice as the government is issuing now,' his mum, Andre told the Drogheda Independent.

'My reply to this was I feel like your sending me home with a china doll and not to break it and their reply was "we are". I have learned one thing, I'm not superwoman and I can't prevent germs in the air and I can only do the best we can and go with the guidelines we have been given . Don't panic about things that you can't control because that fear is a horrible feeling I get it because I've been there.'

In a humbling way, Andre adds, 'just listen to the advice being given and follow the simple guidelines like hand washing and limiting social events . People ask me am I in fear of this corona virus . I'm not at all , I'm not panicking but that's not to say we are not following the guidelines .

'When this corona virus is all over with, we continue to live like this but it will give our family and friends an idea of what we live with daily,' she stated.

Given the huge rush for hand sanitizers in recent weeks, the family were in real trouble when they began to disappear from the shops - and also rise hugely in price.

'Yes it's been very difficult sourcing them . We found then when we did find them they where ridiculously overpriced. So where we would have paid €1.99 for 500 mls ,we now were looking at 100 mls for €7.00. It's not a time to be making money.'

Then a well respected Ardee company stepped in - HygieneCare.ie - and saved the day, making sure the family got a supply.

'It's just so wonderful to see communities come together and help people out . It's the Irish way really. We are so grateful for Kevin and Denyce for helping us out.

'Over the past few days I've seen sports clubs offering to help people out by fetching groceries or medications for the vulnerable people in our society . That's just wonderful. Our son, Byron, plays rugby with Boyne Rugby Club in Drogheda and there is so many wonderful people there that have offered us help in any way we need it.

'I would ask people to always offer to help no matter what . People might not need the help but to know if you did need help and the offer is there it does give some reassurance which is lovely .'

The family have also been boosted by the fact that Listoke Distillery in Drogheda have also come on board with hand sanitizers to help the family.

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