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Ex-St Oliver's CC student Clare 'super proud' with Songwriter of the Year crown


Clare Cunningham

Clare Cunningham

Clare Cunningham

Collon singer/songwriter Clare Cunningham admits that she is 'super proud' at taking home the acclaimed 'Songwriter of the Year' award at the 2020 International Singer-Songwriters Association finals.

Clare, now based in Nashville, says that she's still pinching herself after getting the award hand delivered to her - as the awards could not take place due to COVID restrictions.

'This has made this year so worthwhile,' she stated.

'As you all know I'm a grinder and I will never stop living out this dream so this is definitely a testament to all my hard work (this includes all of the years I've put in since this journey started) and thank you to everybody for your amazing support and for helping me get this far! I wouldn't be here without you all,' she added.

The former St Oliver's Community College student has committed herself to helping those with mental health issues, something she has battled herself down the years.

She released her latest song 'Feeding the Beast' last week, detailing her own personal experience in dealing with addiction, aka THE BEAST!

'Everybody can heal if they truly want to and step one is admittance and I want to get rid of the stigma that surrounds any addiction or mental health problems in this world.

'People look at me and see a very put together, 'perfect' looking human but I'm here to let people know it hasn't always been that way and I want people to know that with the correct help, and a will to want to better myself, I came through the other end.

'Some days are better than others and that's ok. We are all human. So please just be open about anything you're going through in life, reach out and ask for help and don't be ashamed!

'Please check in on people in your life, as a lot of addicts are functioning addicts and you'd have no idea that underneath their smiles they are suffering. Never judge a book by its cover.'

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