Friday 27 April 2018

Entertaining read hits the nail on the head

Credit: Paul Connor
Credit: Paul Connor

Gerry Kelly gives it to you straight

CLARE Kleinedler is a freelance journalist from the USA who has recently upped sticks from Los Angeles to spend the next year with us in the north east.

Specialising in food and travel writing, she's experienced life in a number of countries round the world with Ireland her latest port of call.

By pure chance a conversation directed me to her wonderful blog that's aptly named An American in Ireland and man was I blown away.

Clare's brilliant writing combined with sharp observational prowess deliver a commentary about us Irish that's so on the nail and amusing.

It didn't take her long to suss out a number of idiosyncrasies that define us as a people among which are our ability to take the p**s and put people down in a humorous manner.

Throw into the mix gossiping, familiarity, total aversion to timekeeping, nicknames, peculiar use of the English language, addiction to TV soaps and a very funny, insightful picture emerges.

Clare also reveals the trials and tribulations of cutting through the maze of bureaucracy and bunkum that surrounds acquiring the basics of setting up shop here.

It's well worth reading her take on opening a bank account, apartment life, shopping, socialising and adjusting to our eating habits in a country that's supposedly at the cutting edge!

This is not to say that Clare is finding life a bit of a struggle – far from it.

She actually really enjoys a lot of what differentiates us from her home and other places and people she's experienced.

I've eulogised enough just go see for yourself and enjoy Clare's trial and tribulations on .