Tuesday 23 January 2018

Earwig infestation at woman's house

Powder put down in the woman’s house in an attempt to deter the earwigs.
Powder put down in the woman’s house in an attempt to deter the earwigs.

Alison Comyn

A COUNCIL house resident is under siege in her home from an infestation of earwigs, and is at her wits' end tying to get the council to help her situation.

The Pearse Park resident, who is too distressed to be identified, is under a doctor's care, after a month of hundreds of insects invading her home.

'It might sound funny, but believe me, it's not,' says Anne – not her real name – clearly upset by what she is going through.

'I have been having nightmares, and feel they are crawling all over me, and now I have to seal up the kitchen and back door every night with insulation tape to stop them coming in.'

The woman, who lives by herself, has put down insect repelling powder all over her ground floor, but this is agrivating her bronchitis.

'I contacted the council, and even showed them a doctor's letter which states this is causing me anxiety and sickness, but I have been told there is nothing they can do.'

In fact the letter from her GP stated the situation was having a 'marked impact on her health' and she has attended on numerous occasions with 'extreme anxiety'.

'Anne' has been in the house for 11 years, and says the house has been 'riddled with damp for much of that'.

'This is a lovely quiet estate, and I have put a lot of money into making this home as nice as possible, but the wallpaper is peeling off the walls with damp,' she points out.

'I had my two brothers-in-law up to advise me, and they got me the powder, but I am paying a lot of rent here, and I feel the council is responsible for helping me out.'

Cllr Frank Godfrey inspected the house and said the woman is living in very difficult conditions. 'This is a house-proud woman but the house is falling down around her,' he says. 'There needs to be more funding for repairs and people are being ignored. This estate was built in the 1930s and many are in dire need of maintenance.'

'Anne' is supporting his call for a council pest control officer, and more help with repairs. 'If I had a proper fitted back door and less damp, I'm sure the earwigs wouldn't get in,' she added. 'I'm tired of being ignored but it seems no one in the council cares.'

Drogheda Independent

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