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Dunleer's community spirit will prevail


The Parish Priest of Dunleer, Fr Michael Murtagh, has urged people to remain calm in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak, and look out for vulnerable people.

Many of those in rural mid Louth depend very much on mass as outlet for meeting up, but that has been suspended.

And naturally, the coming weeks will see funerals, with Fr Murtagh asking people to use their own discretion.

There are guidelines that only 100 people or so can attend such events and they must be separated within the church.

'We have to bury our dead and we have to mark the death of someone,' he stated.

Personally, he finds it strange that his own pastoral care has been impacted, unable to visit hospitals, nursing homes or indeed homes in general.

While people can't attend weekly mass, he will continue to celebrate it.

'I will say Mass alone in Saint Brigid's each weekday at 10 a.m. so people can follow on web-streaming (Google YouTube Dunleer Parish or go to website dunleerparish.ie). I will also say Mass alone on Saturday evening at 7 30pm and on Sunday at 11 30am in St Brigid's for family intentions etc. These also can be followed on web-cam,' he stated.

There will be no mass in country churches and intentions for Philipstown/Dromin will be combined at 11 30 Mass in Dunleer.

He feels mass is still very important for people at this time and while many older people are up to date with technology, he hopes family members can help others access services.

'There is a good community spirit in Dunleer and people are always aware and watchful of others. I would be optimistic that we will come through this.,' he stated.

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